Pushpin Holdings, LLC has sued more than  2,000 individuals in Cook County Municipal Court in Chicago, Illinois. In each of these cases, Pushpin Holdings alleges a breach of a personal guaranty relating to an equipment lease for a credit-card-processing machine. Usually the leases were executed many years ago, in 2005 or earlier, with the original lessor usually being “Lease Finance Group, a Division of CIT Financial USA, Inc.” Pushpin Holdings claims to have purchased the rights to these leases in 2011.

In many of these cases Pushpin Holdings has successfully obtained default judgments because the defendant did not personally appear or hire an attorney to contest the claim. Once Pushpin Holdings has obtained the default judgment, it may report the debt to credit bureaus even though the underlying debt is more than seven years old. It may also register the judgment wherever the defendant has assets and use any collection procedures authorized in that jurisdiction.

The table embedded below contains the publicly available information regarding all the cases Pushpin Holdings has filed in the Municipal Division as of April 27, 2015. Note that because the information is taken from Cook County’s public records, it is only as accurate as those records. Names are often misspelled or just plain wrong. Clicking on the case number in the left-hand column should take you to the Cook County Clerk’s information page regarding that case.


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